Sam E. Martin


Toutday is an iOS app designed to capture basic mood information on a daily basis, with as little friction as possible.

Key features

Visual mood selection
Streamlined data entry
Simple visualizations
Passcode lock


Toutday is based around a single iOS Storyboard, with view controllers for each section of the app, and a page view controller to allow switching the current date by swiping left or right. Mood information is stored in a simple Core Data object graph.

Future work


Toutday doesn't currently support any form of data synchronization. It would be nice to add Dropbox and iCloud support at some point.


Reporting is currently limited to a simple bar graph and calendar view. I'm currently exploring ways to create more meaningful mood visualizations using D3.js via an embedded UIWebView.

Data export

For easier interoperability with existing data analysis tools, or even spreadsheets, I'm planning on adding a simple data export feature.