Sam E. Martin


FuelMiner and Certusoft
I've done several rapid proofs-of-concept for FuelMiner and Certusoft, including mobile applications for product configuration.

Route Data Visualizer

While working on a vehicle simulation application, I built a simple one-off visualizer using D3.js to display time-series data for quick visual inspection.

iPad Powertrain App

I designed and developed a proof-of-concept iPad app for configuring and optimizing a vehicle powertrain. The key functionality involved searching and selecting from lists of Core Data objects cached from Web service calls.

FuelMiner Tablet Mockup

While designing the FuelMiner Web application, I built an iPad mockup in Interface Builder to help clarify the key goals of the product.

Tablet-friendly Powertrain Web App

I designed and built a tablet-friendly Web application prototype for a powertrain optimizer. This prototype was then used to pitch the project to our customers.